Favorite Links

  • If you’re ready for a crack at catching that barn door sized halibut of a life time then check this crew out. CRAZY RAY’S ADVENTURES is a heavy hitting FISHING CHARTER out of WHITTIER, ALASKA that delivers!
  • If a PRINCE WILLIAM SOUND / ALASKA FISHING CHARTER, sight seeing tour or just getting dropped off in your favorite hunting spot is what you’re looking for then SALTWATER EXCURSIONS will hook you up!
  • More good fishing charters and lodges coming soon!
  • FINN-TASTIC CANADA has pioneered TITANIUM WIRE FISHING LEADERS. FINN-TASTIC is endorced by MASTER FLY ANGLER, DON SHEEDY and recognized by the world the leader in the industry.
  • The ALASKA SPORT FISHING MAGAZINE of choice when it comes to fishing the great land. FISH ALASKA MAGAZINE is the best source of information that covers ALASKA FISHING ADVENTURES.
  • This entertaining web site consists of a compilation of John Kuzob’s numerous KODIAK ALASKA BROWN BEAR VIEWING and SPORT FISHING ADVENTURES. Outstanding photos and stories along with valuable links to several web sites pertaining to GRIZZLEY BEARS, KODIAK ALASKA FISHING and HUNTING adventures, weather and government agencies can be found here.
  • The equipment you choose often distinguishes whether you have a great photo and memory to share for the rest your life or just another story about the one that got away. Penn Fishing Tackle manufactures quality rods and reels for every fishing demand weather it’s in fresh or saltwater.
  • Knowledge is key and your best source of information is through a professional not a salesman! JOHN BEATH, professional angler/custom lure designer brings you the best web network consisting of SPORT FISHING INFORMATION, instructional videos and his own CUSTOM FISHING TACKLE.
  • METAL FISH and MARINE ART made by MARK WITTEVEEN. This beautiful life-like METALLIC MARINE ART hangs on your wall and delivers a true touch of ALASKA.
  • The greatest hunting, fishing and beer drinking comedy show in America! For DA YOOPERS music, jokes, crazy stories and weird contests, check out this site.