G I Spinners Color Options

COLOR RECOMMENDATIONS for the most sought after fish that are caught on G.I. Spinners by Kodiak Custom Fishing Tackle.
1. Size #4 ~ steelhead, trout, bass, small stream salmon; Orange, chartreuse, red, green, pink, orange/chartreuse.
2. Size #5 ~ Chinhook (king) salmon; Chartreuse, orange, blue, green, flame red, orange/chartreuse.
3. Size #5 ~ Coho (silver) salmon; Flame pink, pink, chartreuse, orange, purple/pink, orange/chartreuse.
4. Size #5 ~ Bass, pike, sheefish; Orange, chartreuse, silver, purple/pink, black/chartreuse, purple/chartreuse.
5. Size #6 ~ Salmon, pike, musky, bass, sheefish; Orange, chartreuse, silver, blue, red, orange/chartreuse.
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