Electronic Flashing Jig Hook Rigs

EFJ Hook Rig group FS 700 x 465Electronic Flashing Jig Hook Rigs by Kodiak Custom Fishing Tackle are a reliable back up to have for changing colors of the squid bait attractant system on your Kodiak Custom Electronic Fishing Lure. Our split ring attachment makes switching to a different color fast and easy. With spare hook rigs, your tackle box can possess all of our jig colors, without paying the full price for every lure!
Color recommendations (in order) for Alaska’s most sought after bottom fish.
1. Halibut Jigs     ~  Blue, white, pink, arctic bird, orange, green, black, aqua.
2. Lingcod Jigs    ~ Arctic Bird, pink, white, orange, blue, green, aqua, black.
3. Yelloweye Jigs ~ Blue, orange, pink, white, arctic bird, black, aqua, green.
4. Rockfish Jigs   ~ White, orange, arctic bird, black, blue, green, pink, aqua.

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Tips to help increase the life of your Kodiak Custom ELECTRONIC FISHING LURE!
1. Dry the flashing light unit when done fishing to insure the light is shut off and saving battery life.
2. Avoid using the jig weight as a handle to subdue fish that are flopping and twisting. Grasp your line instead and ride out the storm!
3. Avoid torquing & wrenching hooks with pliers, channel locks etc. while removing hooks. Use a proper hook removal tool and back the hook out opposite of how it went in.

ATTENTION Kodiak Custom Jig users! Our new & improved trailer hook system virtually eliminated trailer hook breakage! We now crimp 400 lb. test monofilament line to attach our trailer hook and it’s literally unbreakable!