KODIAK CUSTOM FISHING TACKLE is recognized as the #1 local manufacturer of ALASKA FISHING LURES. We specialize in designing the BEST SALMON FISHING LURES, PIKE SPINNERS, LINGCOD JIGS and HALIBUT TACKLE for Alaska fishing and abroad! Kodiak Custom Fishing Tackle offers a wide variety of Custom Fishing Lures that catch everything from salmon, steelhead, trout, bass, pike and sheefish to record sized halibut, lingcod, rockfish, tuna and the list goes on! KODIAK FISHING LURES have become a household name in Alaska and for good reason. The Best Salmon Fishing Lures, Halibut Tackle and Lingcod Jigs are made by KODIAK CUSTOM FISHING TACKLEHere’s one example…

While field-testing the (original prototype) KODIAK CUSTOM BOTTOM FISH JIG, we caught a RECORD SIZED ~ 420 LBS. HALIBUT that exceeded the I.G.F.A. line class WORLD RECORD at the time. However, we broke nearly every rule in the book while trying to land this potential WORLD RECORD HALIBUT and blew any chance of getting into the I.G.F.A. WORLD RECORD HALIBUT book as a result. To top that off, we captured it all on film and included it in our Vol. 1 DVD that’s available right here on our website! Click here DVD’S PAGE to order.
ALASKA SALMON FISHING LURES, PIKE SPINNERS, HALIBUT FISHING GEAR and LINGCOD JIGS, made by KODIAK CUSTOM FISHING TACKLE, can be purchased in nearly 60 dealers across Alaska or direct from our website.


Welcome to Kodiak Custom Fishing Tackle! Attention Shoppers! All fishing lure prices have been reduced for 2018 starting here and now!
What’s New?
Kodiak Custom HOODIES & HATS are coming to our PROMOTIONAL ITEMS PAGE very, very soon!
2. Kodiak Custom
ICE FISHING JIGS, designed for catching huge lake trout, pike, bass and sheefish will be available very soon!
3. Kodiak Custom PACKAGE DEALS on fishing lures will be available very soon!
4. Want to see yourself in an awesome Kodiak Customized ad on our website or social media? Send quality photos via email, of fish you catch on our gear, with our lure still in it’s mouth, for a chance to be featured. Visit the famous PHOTOS PAGE on our site or any Kodiak Custom social media page for details! Thank you for choosing KODIAK CUSTOM FISHING TACKLE.