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Bottom Fish Jigs

ATTENTION KODIAK CUSTOM BOTTOM FISH JIG users! We have a NEW & IMPROVED TRAILER HOOK SYSTEM on our double hook rigs that minimized breakage! We now use 300 lb. test Copolymer line that's BEEFCAKE TOUGH! Trade in your old hook rigs with titanium trailer hook wire for the new and it's FREE! 1. Simply remove your old hook rigs from the jig weight. 2. Mail the hook rigs to us. 3. We'll replace them for free! Please contact us if you have questions regarding free replacements of your old and/or damaged hook rigs.
KODIAK CUSTOM BOTTOM FISH JIGS are designed for catching anything from WORLD RECORD sized HALIBUT, LINGCOD and YELLOWEYE ROCKFISH to all the tasty ROCKFISH species that dwell on the ocean floor. Anglers prefer KODIAK CUSTOM BOTTOM FISH JIGS over bait because your hands don't get dirty when using them and they work! Use a slow jigging method (pausing regularly) 1-6 feet off bottom and bounce the bottom regularly to monitor depth changes and keep your lure in the strike zone. IMPORTANT! DO NOT USE THIS LURE AS A HANDLE TO PICK UP, DRAG OR SUBDUE A FLOPPING FISH OUT OF WATER! Once a fish is hauled into the boat, grasp the main line that is attached to the top of the lure and keep upward tension on the line until fish stops flopping. Carefully remove the trailer hook by grasping the hook with pliers and backing it out. Avoid frantically shaking and torquing the hook to increase the life of your trailer hook system. KODIAK CUSTOM FISHING LURES are backed with a MANUFACTURERS WARRANTEE that includes FREE REPLACEMENTS FOR DAMAGED FISHING LURES no matter how many TROPHY sized HALIBUT, LINGCOD AND ROCKFISH they catch! Please see, "frequently asked questions," in the, "About Fishing Lures," drop tab section of our web site for details. Total length of KODIAK JIGS are approx. 13 inches long.

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Cost per jig/size:

1.      6 oz. - $15.99    BUY NOW!!!
2.    10 oz. - $17.99    BUY NOW!!!
3.    14 oz. - $19.99    BUY NOW!!!



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